The ICEMVO annual flat fee is charged per market authorization holder to cover, inter alia, the annual costs of the operation and further development of the ICEMVS, costs inherited from the European Medicines Verification Organization and all necessary and legally compulsory activities of the ICEMVO. The level of the annual flat fee contribution is based on actual cost of running the ICEMVO short and long term.

The amount of the Annual Fee (IT-cost and operational cost of ICEMVO divided by number of MAH’s) may fluctuate from time to time.

ICEMVO 2020 Annual Fee has been decided by ICEMVO Board of Directors. There is no change to the fees from the current year, except for the addition of a new group for MAH with annual sales below 16,000€, as recorded in IDM on December 31st 2019.

ICEMVO 2020 Annual Fee:

  • 4.900€ for MAH with IDM 2019 sales turnover above 80,000€
  • 1.500€ for MAH with IDM 2019 sales turnover below 80,000€
  • 450€ for MAH with IDM 2019 sales below 16,000€.

For any further information please contact ICEMVO via email info@lyfjaaudkenni.is