ICEMVO has introduced NMVS-Alerts as the preferred tool to handle alert investigation in Iceland.

As a result of the EU FMD regulation, various alerts are created due to the detection of falsified packs or due to procedural or technical errors.

The management of these FMD alerts in high numbers can be a significant challenge for NMVOs, OBPs, MAHs, NCAs and End Users.

NMVS-Alerts is designed as a collaboration platform for all involved FMD stakeholders, NMVS Alerts supports the necessary escalation and alert investigation procedures.

In addition to the alerts database, stakeholders can ask for and exchange helpful information such as documents, photos or remarks. Log information is tracked through the entire alert investigation process using NMVS Alerts whilst the End User stays anonymous towards MAHs and OBPs.

For further information, please contact ICEMVO at info@lyfjaaudkenni.is.

For general information about NMVS-Alerts, please visit NMVS-Alerts  homepage .